Chimney Sweep

Something you might not know about LPS is that we have an in-house, qualified chimney sweep servicing Yorkshire chimneys, keeping them functioning safely for our customers. With the growing trend for solid fuel burners in homes to create that rustic and homely appeal, the need for a Leeds chimney sweep service is growing and growing.

Why should your chimney be swept?

Unlike a flame from a gas fire, solid fuel burners generate smoke which is drawn upwards, and residue from this smoke collects and builds in the chimney. It’s a highly combustible material and not clearing it in line with current guidance puts your home at risk of a chimney fire.

When should your chimney be swept?

How often should a chimney be swept is the most common question we get asked. Official guidance is at least once a year depending on the type of fuel. For gas, it’s once a year, but for oil and wood the recommendation is quarterly for optimum safety and efficiency. From our own experience, we recommend booking a chimney sweep during the summer months, when usage of a solid fuel burner is likely to be low.

What happens during a chimney sweep?

It’s probably not surprising to know that mess is one of the biggest concerns when we speak to customers about chimney sweeping. But they are surprised when we tell them about our extensive range of specialist sweeping equipment which is designed to minimise the risk of soot fall and mess created during the cleaning process. Depending on the style of chimney and when it was last swept, we’re usually finished within the hour.

Special Offer

Did you know you can book a chimney sweep at the same time as a boiler or central heating service and pay just £35 for the additional service? Call our customer service team to book yours!

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