Reputable local fire servicing

Just like a regular boiler service an annual fire service is vital to pick up any potential issues such as a blocked flue or deteriorating parts as this could lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

When you contact LPS for a gas fire service our customer services team will ask you about the type of fire you have installed, if it wasn’t installed by us, and a few questions to gain as much information about your gas fire as possible. You’ll then be given an appointment for one of our engineers to come and service the fire.

On the day of the service, it’s helpful to try and keep the area as clear as possible to give our engineers space to work. During the service, we’ll aim to keep the area as clean as possible – covering furnishings and floors with protective sheets where needed.

If, during the fire service, we notice anything that needs replaced or more detailed repairs our engineers will raise this with you before carrying out any additional work. If you’ve already taken out one of our comprehensive maintenance plans, then it may be that everything is already covered, if not, we recommend considering the range of plans we have on offer to take the stress away from maintaining and repairing your fire.

Book your fire in to be serviced by one of our professional team.

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